Mid-City Safety Department Earns Two 2017 Industry Awards

The Builders Exchange of Central Ohio recognized Mid-City with a 2017 Safety Innovation Award, and a Safety Achievement Award. This is Mid-City’s 14th Safety Innovation Award, and third Safety Innovation Award to date.

While the achievement award is for outstanding injury and illness statistics, the innovation award recognizes firms for creative and unique safety practices or tools. The Innovation Award recognized Mid-City for the Magnetic J-Hook Installer, which allows our technicians to install j-hooks without the use of a ladder or a lift. In teledata and electrical construction, j-hooks are used to suspend cable from the ceiling. Typically, the technician must use a ladder or lift in order to install the j-hooks.   However, with the magnetic j-hook installer, the technician can install the j-hook safely from the ground (and without the use of a ladder or lift.) While there are tools on the market used to install wire and cable using a long pole, similar to the magnetic cable installer, there are no tools available that use this system to adhere magnetic j-hooks to a metal beam. Normally, the technician would need to use a ladder or lift to physically reach the beam, and fasten the j-hook to it using a screw. Now, the technician can do this from the safety of the ground.

The Builders Exchange will honor Mid-City for these awards at the 126th BX Annual Meeting in November.