Chris Secora - Mid-City Electric

Chris Secora recently joined our electrical division as a project engineer. In this role, he will be collaborating with our project management team on controls projects, and working with our electrical estimators on schedules, electrical code compliance, quality control, and material coordination. Below is some Q & A that we did with Chris to help you get to know him a little better.

Q: You have a controls background, correct?  
Yes, I worked at Johnson Controls for almost five years. I started off as a Systems Technician on the construction team and moved into project management just after the start of my third year.

Q: What sparked your interest in construction to begin with?
I was looking to make a career change and my cousin told me that Johnson Controls had an open Systems Technician position. The job description is really what interested me the most, so I decided to pursue the opportunity.

I had no previous experience in the construction or HVAC industries but enjoyed working on construction sites and with new equipment right away.

Q: What is the most memorable project that you have ever worked on? Why?
The Columbus Airport Modernization project was the first large project I worked on. I spent a majority of my first year and a half there working on multiple phases of the project. I was still very new and made a lot of mistakes, but also learned a lot very quickly.

Q: What will your role here at Mid-City involve?
Estimating and project management. I have been working on estimating several HVAC controls projects, but am also starting to learn the electrical side of estimating.

Q: From your point of view as a project engineer, how is construction changing?
Over the past several years, everything seems to be more technology based. Customers are wanting connected technologies to be implemented in their new construction and existing buildings. From my experience, building owners like the idea of being able to see what their building is doing right from their screen to potentially resolve problems before they interrupt their normal activities and also for monitoring energy consumption to reduce usage.

Q: What do you do outside of Mid-City? (like a fun fact!)
I enjoy going to the target range and doing some shooting in my free time. I also enjoy doing small projects around the house.

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