CONGRATS to the BX Craftsmanship Award Winners!

Congratulations to the BX craftsmanship award winners, Charlie Griffith, Lawrence Rice, Ryan Saunders, Carmella Biser, and Jonathan Duty. We are so proud of their dedication to a job well done at the Franklin County Forensics Science Center. The Mid-City team came to the table with a depth of knowledge required to get the job done in a way that ultimately satisfied the customer and maintained Mid-City’s reputation as a premier design assist electrical and teledata contractor.  The team worked diligently to maintain a detailed schedule, which was eventually accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Though a sizable building, work was completed in very congested areas and high-end spaces.  Many of the forensics labs were difficult to navigate.  Superb competence and a strong team helped push the project to be completed in a manner that greatly exceeded our expectations. Well done and well deserved! We are proud of you!



The Craftsmanship Winners will receive their award at the BX Annual Meeting on November 12.