Success Stories

Congratulations to the Giant Eagle Perimeter Loop Team!

It is business as usual for the Giant Eagle on Perimeter Loop in Dublin thanks to Dave Adrean and his Mid-City Crew. But if it wasn’t for Dave’s careful planning of the store’s shutdown to replace the 750 KVA transformer on the night of July 24th, the owner could have found himself dealing with the significant loss of store product, and money.

This particular Giant Eagle, which is currently still under construction, has plans to increase the building load, which in turn required the shutdown to install a new 1,000 KVA transformer. While Mid-City performs shutdowns for customers regularly, the nature of Giant Eagle’s business drastically increased this particular project’s risk since perishable items become affected within hours. As a result, it was crucial that Mid-City shutdown the transformer without sacrificing the quality of the store’s stockwhich includes produce and dairy like meats, seafood, and ice creamto the severe summer weather conditions.

So in order to maintain power to the many food storage units, including large coolers and walk-in refrigerators, Dave and his team had to refeed from another power source. Through Dave’s analysis of the store and its surrounding area, he discovered that he could utilize a transformer, which was powering a small retail space adjacent to the Giant Eagle. The space is scheduled for construction, and it will eventually be part of the Giant Eagle Primary Loop location. Because of this, Dave saw the location of the transformer as an opportunity to utilize the store’s existing resources, and in turn, minimize risk.

Timing was critical, Sage Householder, project manager, said. The shutdown was high-risk because of the huge amount of perishable items this store holds and because of the store’s age. I’m proud of these guysthey know what’s at stake, and yet they stay focused and perform.

Because of the potential for huge product loss, Dave and his crew had a 6-8 hour window max to execute the shutdown. He and his team used the neighboring transformer from the retail space to feed Giant Eagle’s coolers, walk-in units, and other storage spaces’ power, as well as utilizing what minimal emergency power the store had.

And despite the risk, Mid-City executed the shutdown without any loss of product. It was a huge success for Dave and his team, which included Brian Hazelett, Rick Killilea, Brian Crompton, Andre Adams, and Joe Gockenbach.

If I were to perform a similar shutdown, I really don’t think that I would change anything, Dave said. It just went really well because of our planning.

Congratulations to Dave and the rest of his team at the Giant Eagle Perimeter Loop! If you have a similar job site success story, email it to Sarah at