Coronavirus Travel Restrictions


Effectively immediately and until further notice, the following policies have been implemented consistent with recommended guidelines, including from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Non-Essential Business Travel Suspension

  • Mid-City Electric is temporarily suspending all non-essential travel for company business and attendance at mass gatherings such as conferences and trade events, regardless of location. If non-essential business travel has already been booked, please work with your manager to cancel properly to receive an airfare and hotel refund or credit if applicable. Set up phone or online conferencing with clients or other business units to replace the in-person meetings, if possible. Please make sure your manager knows the status of all meetings cancelled due to this temporary suspension.
  • Essential business travel should be limited to those situations where business cannot reasonably be conducted without face-to-face interaction or visits to specific locations. A member of Senior Leadership must approve all business travel (including trips that were previously approved) until further notice.

Personal Travel

Continued Monitoring

  • As we continue to monitor the guidance from local, state, and federal public health officials, we ask that all employees follow the official recommendation of the U.S. Department of State and CDC before, during and after their travels. The health and safety of you and the entire Mid-City Electric community is our top priority.
  • Understanding that we are all responsible in keeping the spread of COVID-19 infection low in our community, we rely on you for accurate self-reporting, self-care, and when necessary, self-quarantine. *Definitions for restricted countries and other helpful information may be found here:  .