Ohio State University Mount Hall OCIO Office Renovation

Mid-City’s Electrical  Renovations  to Lighting, Power, and Fire Alarm Help Transform Classroom Building into Fresh, Modern Office Space

The Ohio State University Mount Hall Project will transform this classroom building into an administrative space for the Office of the Chief Information Officer and Office of Distance Education and eLearning. The remodeled 75,000 square-foot, three-story building will house 40-plus offices made up of traditional design and open concept layouts, as well as nine conference areas, several media rooms, a cafÁ©, tech support hub, and training center.  As the project’s electrical contractor, our team is installing all new power, lighting, and fire alarm systems.

Mid-City power installations include new switchgear, electrical distribution, and panelboards throughout the building to support the new, robust electrical design elements and layout. We are integrating many modern technologies to coincide with the contemporary updates of the building as well.

Additionally, the lighting aspect of the all-LED lighting design involves traditional lay-in ceiling lighting as well as architectural lighting for an open industrial look to support aesthetics. The fire alarm system has undergone a complete overhaul as well, with our team replacing the old system completely.

The OSU Mount Hall Project is scheduled for completion in November 2016.