Employee Development Manager


We’re looking for an experienced learning and development professional with 7+ years of experience who wants to join one of the best commercial electrical construction firms in Central Ohio.

As the Employee Development Manager, you will be responsible for delivering learning solutions and training programs in support of both employee and company needs. By designing, implementing, managing, and tracking professional development, the Employee Development Manager will help support and grow Mid-City’s most valuable resource– its people. This individual should be a strong communicator and have extensive experience with content creation and/or instructional design.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with the HR and Operations to determine training needs, evaluate current training that is in place, and pinpoint areas for improvement.
  • Create, coordinate, market, and facilitate ongoing training programs for all skills, position levels, and needs, including:
    • New hire orientation and refresher courses
    • Specialized development plans and career maps for high potential employees
    • Ongoing training on various topics, including technology, company policies and procedures, soft skills, and compliance.
    • Leadership and goal setting
    • Industry-specific training on project management processes and best practices, crew leader skills, and safety processes
    • Performance improvement plans for individuals struggling in their role.
    • Training and development based on performance reviews and stay interviews
    • Teambuilding and department health
    • Helping managers develop their team members through career pathing
  • Create and/or identify course content for all learning initiatives companywide. Content should utilize a variety of training methods, including instructor-led, eLearning, hands-on, mentoring, and group discussion/activities.
  • Implement and manage a learning management system (LMS) to house, distribute, and track all learning content and activity. Manage and train users and provide end-user troubleshooting.
  • Create a comprehensive Field Leadership Development Program to develop current superintendents, general foremen, and foremen, and identify, train, and coach emerging foremen.
  • Create a leadership development program for office staff including a comprehensive project management training curriculum for new PMs and current PEs that includes a mix of delivery methods and involves manager checkpoints and feedback.
  • Create and manage a Foreman Safety Onboarding Program.
  • Create online training library for company software, including reMarkable, eTurns, Bluebeam, Field Connect, Prefab System, Built for Teams, and Spectrum.
  • Revamp the onboarding process to create a New Employee Engagement Program designed to help new team members acclimate to the company; create e-learning modules that accelerate the assimilation of new employees.
  • Evaluate all training programs with post-program surveys.
  • Track all training activities and achievements, including credentials, certifications, licenses, and professional development activities such as conferences and BX classes. Register employees for outside professional development events and conferences.
  • Conduct skills assessments and annual stay interviews
  • Collaborate with HR to tie professional development to performance reviews and compensation.
  • Establish, coordinate, and manage relationships with external third party vendors
  • Plan and oversee all training events, including workshops and individual training sessions.
  • Collaborate with CFO to create training and development budget; manage budget once developed.
  • Create and manage formalized Employee Recognition Program to recognize training and development efforts, and other employee achievements.
  • Create and oversee an internship program, and generate a steady pipeline of talent from universities; conduct outreach and create events for universities and trade school talent with the goal of exposing them to Mid-City careers opportunities

Minimum Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree Required; Masters Preferred
  • 7+ years experience in learning and development, education, communication, or human resources
  • Construction industry experience preferred
  • Proficient with InDesign
  • Proficient with MS Office Suite
  • Proficient with Learning Management System (ie. Adobe Captivate, Cornerstore, ect.) preferred.
  • CPTM (Certified Professional Training Manager) preferred

Interested applicants should email their resumes to info@midcityelectric.com.