Project Manager


We’re looking for an experienced project manager with 10+ years of experience who wants to join one of the best commercial electrical construction firms in Central Ohio.

As a project manager, you will plan, direct, coordinate, and budget activities for our electrical construction projects. You will be responsible for providing leadership to have successful and profitable completion of projects awarded to Mid-City Electric.  This role will participate in the conceptual development of projects and oversee the organization, scheduling, and implementation of an established project plan.

Mid-City Electric has been performing electrical and teledata commercial construction for almost 60 years, and our portfolio of work includes major hospitals, nationally recognized research institutions, major distribution centers, and much more. We have an immense electrical and teledata service division as well, with a fleet of 40+ techs who manage emergency service and routine maintenance for a robust list of clients in and around the city. Our team is rooted in a tradition of hard work and craftsmanship. We started as a family business back in 1960, and many of the individuals who work for us have a parent, or even grandparent, who started with the company as well. We’re expanding, and we’re looking for eager candidates who are excited about joining a hard-working, fun, fast-paced, and growing construction firm in the heart of Columbus, Ohio.

Key Responsibilities: 

  1. Actively seek and monitor opportunities to bid and/or secure work for the Company. This includes selectively providing budget or technical resources for existing and new clients.
  2. Prepare bids and/or estimates in a methodical manner to ensure that pricing represents the scope as defined in the construction documents and reflects the bidding environment at the time of preparation.
  3. Actively maintain positive relationships with existing clients and accounts.
  4. Work with the client/owner, superintendent, foremen, safety coordinator, accounting department and others, to plan organize and direct activities concerned with the project. This includes planning, scheduling and conducting the pre-construction meeting of all concerned parties.
  5. Establish project objectives, policies, procedures, and performance standards. Confer with the foremen and discuss work procedures, anticipated construction issues/complaints, and potential areas for improvement, use of prefabrication, and the various reports.
  6. Initiate and maintain a positive relationship and communication with the client/owners and other business contacts to facilitate project activities, progress and successful completion.
  7. Monitor and control the project through effective management of the foremen, material purchases, and subcontractors to ensure the project is completed on schedule and within budget.
  8. Professionally represent Mid-City Electric in project meetings with the client/owners.
  9. Establish the project budget, utilizing established phase codes. Ensure the budget accurately represents both costs to date as well as projections to complete.
  10. Ensure that all contracts, purchase orders, and change orders are approved and signed in advance of work being performed.
  11. Provide all required information and paperwork to accounting in a timely manner and work closely with the Biller to ensure accurate billing and meet billing deadlines; provide assistance in the timely collection of all monies.
  12. Effectively communicate with the Superintendent to ensure that proper manpower levels are efficiently maintained and supported on all projects.
  13. Working closely with the Safety Director, ensuring that safety is a top priority on all projects and that the foremen are addressing safety issues and providing quality instruction to the workers, all within Company and OSHA requirements.
  14. Prepare reports concerning such areas as work progress, costs and scheduling.

Minimum Requirements 

  • 10+ years previous project management experience
  • Proficient with software estimating programs
  • Proficient with MS Office Suite
  • Proficient with project management software
  • LEED certification; Bachelor’s Degree; Accubid and actual field work experience in electrical construction are highly preferred

If interested, email resume to