Healthcare Site Passes Inspection After Extraordinary Mid-City Effort

Mid-City Electrician Bob Christensen not only is an expert in healthcare teledata work, but he knows how to solve the difficult problems when they surface on the job.


This past July, Bob , who has worked with Mid-City for 11 years and has spent much of that time providing teledata service for a local hospital, went out of his way to ensure that the facility would not need to cease operations due to their failed MAPNET card. The issue arose when the MAPNET card shorted during a pre-test of the system, causing the duct detectors, control zams, and signal zams to fail as well. These devices provide critical control functions in the hospital cafeteria. Although the supplier ordered a new MAPNET card, they were unable to locate a new signal zam that would arrive prior to the facility’s life safety inspection time. This device was critical in turning on the horns and strobes, and without this part, the hospital would not pass its life safety inspection.


We knew we had to keep the hospital on schedule in terms of their inspections so they could maintain occupancy of the space, Bob said. We needed a solution fast.

Through Bob’s own research, he created a process that would allow the strobes and horns to work without the installation of the signaling card. On a tight deadline, Bob and his crew, which included Sean Shisler and Joe Orr, worked 16 hours straight to guarantee everything was in order for the life safety inspection that was scheduled for 9 a.m. the next morning. His efforts prevented the hospital from failing a very important inspection, falling behind their construction schedule, and losing occupancy of a critical hospital room.


It is employees like Bob who make Mid-City great, Ralph Charles, Mid-City project manager and estimator, said. I never worry about deadlines being met when Bob, Sean, and Joe are in charge. I firmly believe we have the best hospital teams in the city.


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