Hilton 2.0 Projected to Complete Fall 2022

Columbus Hilton 2.0 is nearly complete and expected to finish within the next few months. The 28-story building started construction in 2019 and is now slated to cost $255 million.

Hilton 2.0 will have a variety of aspects that make the building stand out among others, including its 463 guest rooms, 15,000 square-foot ballroom, restaurants and meeting spaces, a green roof for growing vegetables and plants, and a rooftop bar that will allow visitors to see panoramic views of the city.

Mid-City Electric is responsible for all electrical construction components, where our team has already installed at least 5,856 miles of conduit and 376,587 miles of wire. For the finished product, Mid-City will have installed 5,528 individual fixtures and a total length of 1.48 miles of linear fixtures. Our team continues to work hard and show why Mid-City Electric is more than capable of doing the job.