Success Stories


jeff willy 2Current Project/Role:  Ongoing supervision of Mid-City’s Prefab Shop


Construction Specialties:   Because of Jeff’s role at the prefab shop, he has acquired an in-depth level of expertise in prefabrication. He works with project managers and foremen to create ideas for new devices that are regularly implemented on job sites. Many of our most successful prefab ideas have come from Jeff’s work.


Years With Mid-City Electric: 26


Jeff Thoughts on Safety: When it comes to safety, it is much easier for the young people coming into our trade to develop good habits early . . . Safety rules start on day one in the prefab shop. We first walk through all of the tools, demonstrating how to use them, and have group discussions about the tool’s safety procedure. I also teach them to watch out for each other because we work as a team in the prefab shop, and its important for them to understand that we cannot afford to lose a team member, Jeff Willey, Prefab Foreman, said.


Winning Efforts:  In addition to his responsibilities as the prefab shop manager, Jeff oversees many of our student partners who assist in the prefab shop, as well as CW’s and apprentices. One of Jeff’s top priorities is teaching them how important safety is to the industry. Kipp Criswell, Manpower Superintendent, said, Jeff drills the importance of safety from the moment they step into the shop. He has been particularly instrumental in teaching them the importance of PPE.  


Safety Employee of the Month winners are selected by the Director of Safety, Ryan Dew, and the Safety Committee.  The purpose of the Mid-City Electric Safety Employee of the Month program is to reward field team members who put forth extra efforts to ensure job site safety. Its mission is to create an environment where safe work habits are not just a procedure, but a very important component within the company culture, both in the field and at 1099 Sullivant Ave.  For more information about the Safety Employee of the Month program, visit the Safety section of the Mid-City website.