Success Stories

Mid-City Electric & Heapy Went the Extra Mile to Meet Customer Needs


Mid-City Electric stepped in to help Heapy Engineering during the holiday season to address some very critical needs at the Delaware YMCA. 


This project began with a phone call to Brian Dew, Mid-City Electric president, late Friday afternoon on December 16th. Gary Cooper, a long-time friend at Heapy Engineering, called and asked Mid-City to price up lighting for the Delaware YMCA pool, as well as review and price drawings, which he sent to Mid-City shortly after their conversation. Brian agreed and began working on the task at hand. 


Not long afterward, Mid-City received a second phone call. Don Timmer with heapy asked that the pricing be completed by noon the next day. And the job–required 300 man hours, six lifts, a one-week deadline and had lighting fixtures that were in doubt. But Mid-City still didn't hesitate and proceeded with pricing. 


“Perhaps the average electrical contractor would have said 'What you're asking is impossible, inconsiderate, or unfair,'” Brian said. “But we found a way to say yes.” 


So Mid-City hit the ground running. John Sapp made Foreman Mike Mirones available on Monday, and by Tuesday, Terry Thompson gathered up the necessary manpower. But the combination of the tight deadline, timing of the holiday season, and number of hours required to complete the job was not the only obstacle. The pool had to remain open through construction. 


Through a collaborative effort, the Mid-City team worked overtime just before Christmas to install temporary lighting, remedying the owner's concerns about the pool's lighting levels. Team members worked hundreds of man hours to address this safety issue, in turn securing the YMCA's occupancy permits and allowing them full use of their building. Yet in the face of all these difficulties, the Mid-City team completed the job a full day ahead of schedule. Without our fast response and quick, efficient execution of the project, the lighting in the pool would not have been sufficient enough to enable lifeguards to see the pool's floor. The result would have been unsafe swimming conditions for pool patrons. 


“From where I stand, I'm proud to have the confidence to make these kinds of commitments to our customers knowing we have the resources, and the right attitude to pull it off–every time,” Brian said.