Success Stories

Mid-City Electric Prefab Shop is Up and Running

The Mid-City Electric Prefab Shop is up, running, and ready for your orders!

Located on 1590 West Mound Street, just a few minutes away from the Mid-City offices, the prefab shop is a new addition to Mid-City Electric Co. At the shop, devices that our men and women traditionally make on the job site can now be made in-house, ahead of time. Electrician Jeff Willey is our prefab technician on-site.

“Our goal in here (in the shop) is to help the foremen and the crews in the field meet schedules and the tight deadlines of today's jobs by building the rough-in stages of the job in advance,” Jeff said.

The variety of the items that Jeff and the rest of his team are prefabricating is vast, but every piece has one thing in common–repetition. They're all used in jobs that are repetitive in nature.

For example, many jobs, such as hospital rooms and office buildings in high-rise complexes, have redundant layouts. In a 20-story building where nearly every room has the same design, an electrician could need thousands of pieces of the same device, which would then be located in the same position, within each one of those rooms. Making those materials ahead of time cuts time off the project schedule, and cost from the owner's budget.

The shop is making efforts to be as environmentally friendly as possible too. “We recycle scrap metals and other materials, we reuse the cardboard boxes that devices are shipped to and from the job site in, and we send wire spools back to the supplier for reuse,” Jeff said. Jeff is also using his computer more at the shop so he won't have to print as much paper, and the lighting fixtures within the shop are energy-saving as well.

“We can now build items for jobs in a controlled environment,” Steve Engle, Mid-City foreman, said. “You're not assembling in ten-degree weather or 90-degree weather. Also, the materials are in front of you at the shop. Guys no longer have to waste time hunting for materials. Prefab cuts down on tool usage too because you don't need as many tools on the job now.”

Projects that the shop is working on include conduit bending, fixture whips, F/A box painting, assemblies, panel tags, telephone stub ups, nipples, box offsets, and anything else repetitive in nature that suits a project's needs. If you have anything on your job that needs prefabbed, call Jeff Willey at 614-221-5153. For pictures of the prefab shop, visit our Facebook page and like us while you are there!