Mid-City Hires BIM Coordinator Jameson Thompson

Jameson Thompson - Mid-City Electric

Meet our new BIM Coordinator, Jameson Thompson. Jameson comes to Mid-City with a background in construction, building information modeling, and the auto manufacturing industry. A graduate of The Ohio State University with a degree in Engineering, his technical knowledge and enthusiasm to learn and contribute to our BIM and project manager department is a huge asset to our team. Welcome aboard Jameson! Below are some questions we asked Jameson to help you get to know him a bit better.

Q: What sparked your interest in construction or in your current role?
What sparked my interest in my current role was a project that I worked on as an intern for a Honda Transmission Manufacturing plant in Russels Point, Ohio. The project included a large addition to the production facility to incorporate a new line of transmissions. I worked under the plant facilities manager, who was also the construction manager, for the project, so all of my daily activities revolved around this job. My tasks included capturing construction progress daily, coordinating the project schedule and part deliveries, and participating in clash detection meetings. The irony in it all is that I only accepted the internship as an opportunity to get my foot in the door with Honda with the expectation that this would help me receive a higher level design engineering position with them post-graduation. However, the experience in the construction field was a lot more exciting and eye-opening than I had anticipated!

Q: What is the most memorable project that you have ever worked on? Why?
The Construction project at Honda that I mentioned before comes as a close second to my most memorable project that I have ever worked on. The project started with me designing new sealing and attachment methods for a rear door air cooler that would be attached to the back of an IT rack, and ended with me managing the project in its entirety. Responsibilities included coordinating building and testing for all designed components, manufacturing and ordering parts, coordinating the construction, testing, and quality assurance of an extremely hot request accompanied by a shrinking timeline and some very high expectations. It required many sleepless nights and long hours, but the completion of this project really showed me how high my potential is when I am put to the test.

Q: What will your role here at Mid-City involve?
Initially, my role here at Mid-City will be helping our BIM department expand and enhance our modeling capabilities. I am excited to be contributing to the team to make them even more efficient! Concurrently, I hope to learn as much as I can about the electrical trade and eventually be able to take on some estimating and project management activities as well.

Q: From your point of view as a BIM coordinator, how is construction changing? What trends are you seeing?
From what I have seen so far in this field,   the industry is becoming more and more technologically savvy as the years go on. Utilizing things like BIM, drones, 3D cameras, and even virtual reality devices– its just amazing to see just how much you can plan for, see, and in some cases, even interact with the project before construction even begins! When incorporated where appropriate, I think these technological advances can provide immeasurable benefits and efficiencies to just about any construction project.

Q: What do you do outside of Mid-City? (like a fun fact!)
I am the type who likes to stay busy. If I’m not spending time with my wife Brittney and our large puppy Diesel, I can be found doing a plethora of things. Playing basketball, softball, or video games; fixing cars, or finding any small project to do is how I spend my free time. Brittney and I are currently in the process of building our first home, and I have already started planning 3-4 home improvement projects!