Mid-City Launches Wellness Program 2021

We’re excited to announce Mid-City’s new Office Wellness Program! The new year always brings motivation and hope to create a better version of ourselves, so we wanted to really capitalize on the boost of New Year’s energy by launching our program in January 2021! Since the new year and as part of our program implementation, we have started:

  • One-on-one coaching with a certified health coach 
  • An email education series featuring healthy recipes
  • Micro lessons on how to integrate healthy eating into your everyday routine
  • Fitness room enhancements
  • An Online Wellness Hub with educational resources, competition opportunities, an event calendar, and coaching sign-up portal
  • Lunch and Learns hosted by expert speakers 
  • Volunteer Opportunities


Monica Poirier, Marketing Coordinator, and our resident Health Coach is leading and managing our Office Wellness Program. She is nearing the completion of her Health Coach Certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has been working hard to create something for everyone through the many program offerings. In February, Monica planned Financial Wellness One-on-Ones with our partners at Morgan Stanley, and in March and April, she has planned volunteer opportunities for everyone to get involved. “Wellness is more than just working out and eating healthy. It touches every aspect of who we are, so it’s important that we craft a program that embraces everyone’s unique needs and interests” Monica said. 

“The past year has been radical for so many, and it has given a lot of people a new perspective on life. This leaves people with a new sense of self to be explored. As our on-site Health Coach, I am honored to help our team actuate their new wellness goals.”

More About Our On-Site Health Coach, Monica Poirier


Monica has been interested in fitness from a sports perspective since she was a child. “Over the years, I have learned wellness runs much deeper than just working out. I am learning to prioritize my own wellbeing.” Monica said. “It has been an uphill battle, one that I’m still working on daily, but “Progress over Perfection” is my motto.”  Monica shared that it’s part of the fun of being a health coach. She not only gets to work on her own version of “better”, but she gets to help others find their “better.” While there is no recipe for a wellness journey, it looks different for every person. People who improve their own wellbeing often say that the benefits transfer to all aspects of their lives by having increased focus, energy, mood, productivity, as well as experiencing a decreased level of stress.”


Interested in seeing what we’re up to? Check out our Wellness hub or our social media pages on Facebook (@MCEWellness) and Instagram (@MCEWellness)