Mid-City’s Second Annual Safety Month Begins July 1

Safety Month 2018 began July 1 with the goal of continuing to strengthen Mid-City’s safety culture.    The program includes additional training that will reach 250 field electricians and technicians. Safety Coordinator, Brandon Stowers, will instruct courses on the following topics:

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Common OSHA Violations to Avoid
  • How to Properly Use Aerial Lifts, Scaffolds, and Ladders
  • Fall Protection: Changes from 2017 to 2018 to Know
  • Trenching, Excavation, Confined Space, and Hazardous Substance  Refresher Courses

“We make safety our first priority here at Mid-City, and having a month dedicated to additional training, awareness, and education allows us to turn up the volume a bit on that message.   Similar to last year, we are conducting several jobsite trainings with each of the crews. We plan to get this program to 250 electricians and technicians across 36 sites as well as at service projects. It also includes awards for sites that demonstrate an exemplary safety attitude,” Brandon Stowers, safety coordinator, said.

Mid-City’s safety program is managed by Ryan Dew, director of human resources and safety, Safety Coordinator Brandon Stowers, and Site Safety Manager Sanjay Patel.  Mid-City has been recognized by the Builders Exchange of Central Ohio with 17 safety awards in the past 15 years.    The safety program has grown to include the Safety Employee of the Quarter Recognition Program, an employee-led safety committee, and now our annual safety month initiative.

For more information on Mid-City’s safety program, contact Brandon Stowers, Safety Coordinator.