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Mid-City Supports hospitals in time of need

At Mid-City, we are so thankful to be an essential business throughout this difficult time, which has enabled us to lend a helping hand to those fighting the Coronavirus pandemic. Currently, we have  installed temporary power for a dozen tents outside of many hospitals across the Columbus metropolitan area. The tents, which are now used for Coronavirus testing, are also being utilized to assist with social distancing. The structures prevent hospital staff and patients from needing to provide care from a single location within the hospital. “By installing these tents,  we’re able to alleviate congestion in waiting rooms, front lobbies, and many other areas inside of the hospital buildings that would otherwise be overflowing with patients, doctors, nurses, and administrative staff,” Jimmy Dew, service department manager, said.

The tents are also being used to help schedule testing and doctor appointments from outside the facility (in order to minimize the amount of person-to-person contact between patients and staff as much as possible.)

In addition to the testing tents, our tech team has been installing special ICU beds on hospital floors. The beds are wired to a network, which connects the beds to the nearest telemetry data rooms. The data access provided enables the nurses to monitor all heart functions and vital statistics from a safe distance.  “During a time when it seems like hopelessness can take over, it feels really good to be able to help in some way,” Theo Manos, director of teledata operations, said. “I’m very proud of our team, their sense of urgency, and their dedication to our customers.”

We are so proud of our leadership team, and incredibly grateful for our electricians and technicians like: Chad Grooms, Darrin Barnes, Gary Hurst, Gerald Winling, James Nelson, Jeff Hinton, Krysten Lambert, Ray Speakmon, Ryan Carraway, Scott Rhodes, and Tony Balzano. These individuals are a part of our hospital crews, and they are out in the field every day making these installations happen. Their dedication and hard work empowers healthcare workers to save lives, and we’re so proud to call these electricians and technicians a part of our team.