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UPS Expansion and Renovation

Columbus, OH


500,000 sqft

Scope of Work

Mid-City completed construction for an expansion to and renovation of the UPS facility. We completed the installation of house power in the new section of the building, which included lighting, distribution, and office power, as well as numerous systems such as cable tray, fire alarm, security, and teledata. The facility remained operational throughout the project, which required intense coordination year-round to ensure that no work interfered with owner operations. Due to the 40-foot ceiling heights, the majority of work had to be completed from aerial lifts as well.

Our electrical scope of work included: 1 medium voltage primary automatic throwover switch (13.2kVA), 1 main distribution piece of switchgear (13.2kVA), 3 unit substations (13.2kVA/480V), 337 security camera installations, more than one mile of site lighting, more than 7,000 feet of 24-inch ladder cable tray, more than 350 cameras, more than 200 wireless access points, and 2 new office complex fit-outs.

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