Success Stories

Prefabricated Duct Bank Project Success

duct bank, prefabMid-City’s  Underground Duct Bank Project has placed  this site crew  well above any of our  industry competitors.


At this particular hospital job site,  the customer asked Mid-City to install these prefabricated ductbanks  prior to the installation of the footers, which were not as deep as the ductbank portion of the project. Mid-City crafted coordination drawings showing the ductbank details, and from there, performed the install of the ductbank according to the prints. However, after they completed the work, Mid-City was told that  they installed the duct banks at the wrong elevation. The crew did quality control  to determine the cause, but found that not only did testing  discover that Mid-City executed the install correctly, but they were incredibly precise in the work they performed having only a 3/4 inch  difference between what the drawings detailed and the actual condition. The accuracy of the install was outstanding, Dave Anderson, site project manager, said. The difference between the distance from the ductbank columns on the drawing and its actual condition was the size of a small stone. Congratulations to the Mid-City team for their attention to detail! View  a video of  a similar underground ductbank installation   on our Facebook page.


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