Safety is our first priority, and is led by full-time Safety Director Sanjay Patel and Director of Human Resources Ryan Dew. Updating our written OSHA-compliant Safety Manual annually, our team follows a rigorous safety program with exceeds many OHSA standards, and has received 15 BX Safety Awards, and three BX Safety Innovation Awards. With leadership spearheading our company-wide safety initiatives, safety is deep-rooted in our culture.

One of the unique elements of our program is our Safety Committee, which is comprised of office and field staff. The committee’s purpose is to discuss relevant safety topics and improve upon current programs collaboratively. The goals of our safety committee are:

  • to be forward-thinking and ready to change
  • to be proactive rather than reactive
  • to incorporate safety into the everyday culture
  • to make people aware that safety is a #1 priority to company leadership
  • to create a forum for open discussion and problem solving
  • to reward employees who make exceptional safety efforts
  • to enhance educational safety outreach
  • to be an industry leader