Dad started this company in 1960 with his partner, Jack Kempton. Like most fathers, their ambitions were fueled by a simple and honest motivation to take care of their families. They found that they could do that by creating something of their own, together.

They got their start in constructing small homes and selling them to generate cash to start the business. Time passed, and the business eventually evolved into what it is today-one of the largest commercial electrical construction companies in Central Ohio. We are very proud of that.

To understand how we got here, it’s important to share some perspective on who my dad is as a father, and as a businessman. He has always been working to create something that our family could be a part of, that we could take care of each other with, and that we could pass on to our own children. He’s always been building something for us. His belief in family, hard work, integrity, earning your keep, and being accountable comes from what he and Jack started back in that small basement office in 1960. As a result of Dad’s example, our projects are built by people who believe in the same things.

That desire to provide the absolute best for our customers is why people choose to work with us. It’s allowed other fathers and mothers who work here to provide for their own families year after year. It’s allowed us to provide high-quality service to our customers for more than half a century. Providing the best we can for others, the way my father has taught us to do that, is truly what’s made us what we are. It will always be our way of doing business.

We plan on continuing to provide that level of trust and craftsmanship to Central Ohio far into the future.

To me, that’s really something.

Brian Dew