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The Center for Electron Microscopy & Analysis - CEMAS

Columbus, OH


20,000 sqft

Scope of Work

The Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS), which is part of OSU’s Science and Technology Campus Corporation (SciTech), opened the doors to one of the best research facilities in the world in Fall 2013.

The 20,000 square-foot microscopy facility, which is home to some of the most powerful pieces of research equipment in the world, required construction methods that were tailored to the equipment’s needs. Mid-City partnered with Ruscilli Construction to create a research environment where these devices could perform to their fullest capacity. Together, our teams perfected the design and construction of every component of the building and its systems to allow these microscopes to operate to their fullest capacity.

As the electrical and Teledata contractor, our team’s scope of work encompassed: power distribution, emergency equipment, feeders, monitors and equipment hook-up, grounding, branch devices with wiring, lighting and controls, cable tray and pathways, and systems including fire alarm, sound and paging, security, and Teledata.

The equipment housed inside the building was what created some of the greatest challenges for the project team. Scanning electron microscopes are very sensitive, and require insulation from sound, vibrations, electromagnetic fields, temperature and humidity changes, dust, and airflow in order to achieve optimal performance.

Upon project completion, the center underwent specialized testing to ensure the device specifications were met. Tests revealed that the facility performs equal to or better than the highest standards achieved by any electron microscopy facility in the world. Despite the complexity of this 20,000 square-foot project, Mid-City
and Ruscilli completed construction in under one year, on time and within the original budget. The team’s coordination allowed CEMAS staff to begin occupying the space six months after construction began and hold their grand opening in September 2013.


Ruscilli Construction Co., Inc.

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