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Nationwide Children’s West Energy Plant

Columbus, OH


Scope of Work

As part of Nationwide Children's Hospital Phase II Master Facilities Plan, the West Energy Plant Project provides heating, cooling, and power generation needs for all campus buildings west of Parsons Avenue. Encompassing an immense portion of the campus and relying heavily on building information modeling, the West Energy Plant project was constructed to serve the West Campus Improvement Project comprised of existing and future buildings. Buildings supported by the n ew plant include: Research Building III and IV, the new data center, the Behavioral Health Center and parking garage, and the Livingston Ambulatory Center and parking garage. The new West Energy Plant services a chilled water plant, steam plant, fire protection, normal power, and emergency power that will support the footprint of these eight buildings.

Mid-City's contribution was the electrical portion of this work, which included: two new AEP services, a 10.5 megawatt generator plant with an extensive electrical distribution system, a temporary feed for multiple buildings with temporary generator systems (so that the existing generator plant could be demolished to make room for the new energy plant), and two five-meg systems (which needed to be installed as permanent temporary systems because of the duration they would be used ).

Due to the nature of this project, coordination among trades was especially challenging. All trades were dealing with high-stakes installations that involved very large pieces of equipment that needed to be installed in a specific order and time frame. Achieving congruity with the mechanical contractor was key to the energy plant's success. Other unique challenges our team faced were having to temporarily feed multiple buildings with temporary generator systems so that the existing generator plant could be demolished to make room for the new energy plant. Mid-City completed work at the West Energy Plant in May 2019.


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